Tuesday, October 7, 2008



Legendary Amazon warriors had one breast removed so they could shoot straighter with a bow and arrow.

The very real Jewel Mathieson takes aim with flying words and hits the mark over and over
atop her band Rhythm Ride.

Ordering instructions to come.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ravenet -n. 1. a person transformed by the healing work of zen raven,
Gabrielle Roth. 2. A 5 rhythms™ practitioner prone to raving, adj. An
ecstatic, spontaneous, irrational, wild or extravagant dance or utterance.
3. ravenet -verb An ecstatic dancer airborne, flying united

Got tits? Shift happens
after the lob job
the scalping, the zapping
Chemotopia isn’t the last stop
the booby prize for being
the first girl in your family to get breast cancer
frankentitties fail
a terrorist cell, a private jihad in the head
zipping around in paddle boats
Mengele messing with metaphors
turns up his bullhorn and stun gun
“The vain infidel off with her tits!”
they have her exact coordinates & she’s lost as usual
what did she eat?
dressing sends you weeping
like a 12 year old stuffing a bra again
when you are one with the universal tear pool
zen raven sets you alight by the stroke of a wing
music she brings that calls you from the core
listening from the deep
raving ego death dance
not male or female
black or white
yin or yang
a dance with the mystery
a dance with destiny
I’m altared by this holy, wholly dance
my dance
the one that only I can do

Jewel Mathieson